Merry Christmas
Oy vey

Scooter's First Hair Cut

Scooter went to the groomer today to get his first haircut. 


Pretty handsome guy isn't he. 

Well he hasn't been so handsome lately, 



His hair got a little long, and no matter how much I brushed him, he still looked like he didn't have anyone that loved him. to the groomers we go, 



I felt like I was taking my kid to the first day of school. Just look at that pitiful look he gave me. 

Two hours later on our drive home he pretty much ignored me. The only time he looked at me was to give me the occasional dirty look, he even turned his back to me when I talked to him. 

By the time we got home he pretty much forgave me, well, after I gave him a treat he forgave me. ;-)

When we got home he ran his $45.00 haircut through the mud and rain, just as happy as a clam. 



All dried off, warm and comfortable on a Pendleton wool blanket. 


And that's that.