Scooter's First Hair Cut
Off To a Great Start

Oy vey

Living in 420 sq ft can be exasperating at times.



Who would have thought that buying two new stainless steel mixing bowls would have meant that I'd have to re-arrange 3 cupboards in order to accommodate them.

Which then would lead to...


<insert blood curdling scream>


The spice drawer. 



This is my next project today; which I know will lead to the cupboard that I keep some of my other spices in, which will lead to the cupboard under the sink, which will lead to... Oy I don't even want to think about it. 


While I'm procrastinating I thought I'd show you some of my recent fun finds. 

Not that scrubbing pots and pans is fun but using these make it fun. 


These are scrubbers made with corn cobs. 





They look like strands of sandpaper but actually are soft and pliable. Just moisten with water, roll up into a ball, squirt with a dab of dish soap and scrub away.


And I also bought...


a new cutting board and knife. 

I needed a new little cutting board for next to the stove. I use it a lot for quick little chopping jobs and as a spoon rest. 

I'm really enjoying my new Nakairi knife, it feels really good in my hand and is easy to use. I particularly like the rounded end so you can use a rocking action if needed while chopping, slicing and dicing. 


O.K. I've put off cleaning out the spice drawer long enough. 


And that's that