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Artisan Chocolatier

Here in the East County we have an European chocolatier, from Austria to be specific. 



Want to meet her?  






Meet Isabella Valencia. She's filling the molds with the finest chocolate.

Her family have been chocolatiers for 65 years so she grew up making chocolates. 

 She is most gracious and was willing to show me what she was currently working on, despite the fact that I popped in on her unannounced. 





Once the molds are filled, the excess chocolate is scraped off. 





Then the mold is turned upside down and the excess chocolate is drained out, 





leaving a beautiful chocolate receptacle.

Oh the possibilities of what to fill these with. 





How about, from left to right, 

Delicious peanut butter mixed with milk chocolate with a center filled with fresh raspberry puree.

Macaroon, meringue-like cookie, topped with chocolate ganache and a thin chocolate disc

Buttery caramel seasoned with sea salt encased in bittersweet chocolate and garnished with Fleur de Sel.

And I got to eat each and every one of them.


Here are the chocolate bars bought. 




Descriptions are from Dallmann Confections website. I'm not that prose and you all would know these aren't my words anyway. 


This bar is a delightful floral experience. Fresh, locally grown lavender mixed with a hint of Fleur de Sel infused in 65% Madagascar chocolate. 


A great combination of intense spices. The liquorish flavor of Star Anis, the earthy taste of cloves and cinnamon. The world’s premier spice will bring an unforgettable sensation.


Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic fragrance. Mixed with the citrus favor of organic orange zest this exotic chocolate bar brings a burst of favors.


These and her other chocolates are available on line. 

Also, contact her if you have any BBQ slow cooked meats needs. BBQ parties are catered also. 

She will be offering a basic chocolate candy making class in December; I will so be there. 

Thank you Isabella for being so gracious and answering all my questions. See you at your next class. 


Dallmann Confections

780 North 2nd Street
El Cajon, CA 92021

p) 619-808-1749
(f) 619-649-2236
(e) info@dallmannconfections.com