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Pan de Muerto

She's off and running and we're drooling

Amanda Simpson of Food Porn Daily and What We're Eating fame wrote a fabulous cookbook, "Food Porn Daily." I swear it should be a coffee table book it's so beautiful and beautifully written.

Her publicist scheduled a cross country book signing tour for her. Lucky for us local food bloggers and fans of Amanda, the tour kicked off last night at the Borders Bookstore in Mission Valley; and lucky me, I got to go. 


Being the classy lady that she is, she brought cookies; the best danged cookies on the planet I might add. She brought a deconstructed version of the cookie. The cookie recipe alone is worth the price of the book. 




Yeay I got my book signed. 




Amanda's right arm was with her, she is such a great help and friend to Amanda and I'm such a dork I forgot her name. 



Whoever said you can pick your friends, 


and you can pick you nose, 


but you can't pick your friends nose, 




is wrong. 



Have a safe trip and hurry back, we'll miss you. 


And that's that