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Salted Angel Cakes

Actually, it's a bread filled with ham, sun dried tomatoes and olives. The recipe is from an Italian lady that occasionally posts to the cooking group. A foodie friend Serene made it recently and it looked so good I had to try it. 



Just look at those layers of goodiness, and yes, goodiness is a culinary term, I think. 

Get your flour and yeast and let's get baking. 




The ingredients are listed in grams and ml. Here's a great conversion site the Metric Kitchen


Two doughs are to be made, the first one starts with dry yeast, flour and water. 

Mix it all into a ball and let sit for half an hour. 



The second batch of dough is made with flour, butter, egg yolks and milk. The recipe didn't state to cut the butter into the flour but I did.

While the second batch is being mixed up, add the first dough ball to that and knead until they are perfectly mixed. 

Let rest for 2 hours in a warm place. 




While the dough is resting, gather your fillings. The recipe calls for ham, sun dried tomatoes and black olives. 

I had, capicola, green olives and sun dried tomatoes. Use what ever you like. I see any number of possibilities with this recipe. 




Chop, slice and dice your ingredients. 





Roll the dough into a rectangle.

If your dough is like mine it will be a beautiful rectangle when you want it round like for a pizza and a beautiful round when you want a rectangle. I just nudge it into place from time to time as I'm rolling. 




I brushed some of the oil from the jar of sun dried tomatoes on the dough. It just looked too good not to use. 




Sprinkle the ham, olives and sun dried tomatoes all over the top of the dough. 




Starting with the long edge of the dough, roll it up. 




 As Pandora says, "you will obtain a big salami." 


Stop right now and do as I say and not as I do.

Here is where you place the "salami" on the parchment lined baking pan because you are going to...



slice the dough in half lengthwise. 


Don't be an idjit like me and slice it on the counter top, then try and figure out how in the world you are going to get layers of cut, filled dough onto the baking sheet.




Whew!! made it. Now start braiding the two cut pieces of dough and




form into a circle. 




Brush with a beaten egg and pop into the oven. 




35 to 40 minutes later, a beautiful savory bread, umm angel cake. 




Dang is this delicious. 


Here's how you can make one for yourself, I'm eating this one.  ;-)


This is exactly how Pandora posted it. 

I'm assuming strong flour is all-purpose flour

Category: salted cakes

Nb persons: 8


               135 g   strong flour

                 4 g    dry yeast

              100 ml   water


               400 g    strong flour

               120 g   milk - lukewarm

                   3   eggs - only yolks (plus 1 whole for final


               3 tsp   salt

               120 g   butter - softened


                 20    black olives - minced

                   6   dry tomatoes - under oil and drained

                70 g    cooked ham - minced

1)Make the dough with the first ingredients. Make a ball and let it sit ,

covered, for about half an hour.

2) Make the dough with the second list of ingredients plus the first dough.

Kneed till all the ingredients are perfectly  mixed.

You will obtain another ball. Cover with a cloth and put in a lukewarm place

for about 2 hours.

When it's ready (it should have been risen ) put it on a rolling board and

make a rectangule of about 5-6  millimeters thick.

Put over it the ingredients of filling and then begin to roll it. You will

obtain a big salami. Cut it along the lenght in two halves and plait them.

Then make a big circle with a hole in the middle which you will put over a

baking pan covered with baking paper. Brush it with a beaten egg.

Put in hot oven (200°C) for about 35-40 minutes.

Nutritional facts per serving (daily value):

Calories             384kcal

Protein                  11g   (22%)

Total Fat                15g   (24%)

   Sat.                   9g   (43%)

Chol.                  104mg   (35%)

Carb.                    50g   (17%)

Fiber                     2g    (7%)

Sugars                    1g

Calcium                 39mg    (4%)

Iron                     3mg   (19%)


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And that's that.