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She's off and running and we're drooling

Amanda Simpson of Food Porn Daily and What We're Eating fame wrote a fabulous cookbook, "Food Porn Daily." I swear it should be a coffee table book it's so beautiful and beautifully written.

Her publicist scheduled a cross country book signing tour for her. Lucky for us local food bloggers and fans of Amanda, the tour kicked off last night at the Borders Bookstore in Mission Valley; and lucky me, I got to go. 


Being the classy lady that she is, she brought cookies; the best danged cookies on the planet I might add. She brought a deconstructed version of the cookie. The cookie recipe alone is worth the price of the book. 


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39 again

See, when you get older you say 39 again. In my younger years it was 29 again, but once you reach a certain age group it's just...not right. 

Since we have such a large family we celebrate all the birthdays for that month with one birthday party. Mine and and my nephew Steve's was last Sunday. 



And we each got our own birthday cake. 


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Grapeseed Oil

I'm a big grapeseed oil fan. It's a light, almost tasteless oil that can be used for frying, sautéing and because it is so mild it's also great for making salad dressings. 

Over the years I've found that the best bet for me, in my area anyway, is to hit up a Middle Eastern market for it, both for availability and price. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find this at Costco, and reasonably priced too. 6 dollars and some change for this 2qt bottle.  



I don't believe I've ever seen the oil so green. At first I thought it was the bottle that was green until I decanted it into my little oil bottle. The oil I'm used to using is much lighter in color, so I had to do a taste test.

It is not as tasteless as the clear oil is, it has a slight hint of olive oil taste, ever so slight. Also, it does not leave a lingering, mouth coating film, it's very fresh and clean feeling and tasting. 

It's has some health benefits which I will leave for you to Google. I use it because I love it and I think it's a great all around healthy oil. 


And that's that


Oven Roasted New Mexico Green Chiles

Our local farm stand had some Hatch New Mexico Chiles, yahoooo was I happy.


So l got busy and prepared them for the freezer. 



Be sure and poke a hole in each of the chiles so it won't explode in the oven, oh, you do_not_want to clean up after an exploding chile, or so I'm told.

It was too hot, and I was too tired to clean out and fire up the grill so I just roasted them in the oven. 

Put them into a 450*oven with the oven rack in the upper third of the oven. 

When the chiles turn a dark brown and are getting some black spots, turn them over and continue roasting until the other side is a dark brown also.

Put the roasted chiles in a brown paper bag or under a tea towel to steam and cool. The steaming helps the peels slip right off. 

I like to use a large brown paper bag. After the chiles are cool I just rip the bag open and lay it flat on the counter, then peel the chiles on top of that. Just roll up the seeds and stems with the bag and no muss no fuss. 

These babies are hot, really hot. I used only a teaspoon of them in our scrambled eggs this morning and wowie were they great. 

And that's that



Salted Angel Cakes

Actually, it's a bread filled with ham, sun dried tomatoes and olives. The recipe is from an Italian lady that occasionally posts to the cooking group. A foodie friend Serene made it recently and it looked so good I had to try it. 



Just look at those layers of goodiness, and yes, goodiness is a culinary term, I think. 

Get your flour and yeast and let's get baking. 



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