Saturday's Pastry Class
Made My First Tagine Meal


One of the highlights of my weekend with Squeaks and Bill was the crabfest we had Saturday evening. 

Bill had Maryland hardshell blue crabs flown in Saturday afternoon for a crabfest with their neighbors Saturday evening. 


Come to mama you beautiful crustacean. 


The Maryland blue crabs arrived while Squeaks and I were at the pastry class

When we got back from the class we didn't notice the huge styrofoam ice chest sitting on the kitchen table. Like how in the heck could we have missed that, just a  couple of chatty girls I guess. 



Here's heaven in an ice chest.


The crabfest started with an appetizer of...


smoked salmon with a sour cream caper sauce. I'll bug Squeaks until she posts the sauce recipe here. 

It was wonderful and I can think of any number of things it would be delicious with. 

This was served casually as we sat around with the neighbors drinking wine. 



Along with the crab we had Caprese salad and corn on the cob. The weapons we used were crab crackers, mallets and picks. 

Squeaks being the consummate hostess also included damp scented cloths for our fingers. 



This is the cruet we used for the balsamic vinegar and oil. It was passed along with the salad.

The grape shape inside the cruet is filled with balsamic vinegar and the rest is a very good olive oil. 

We saw it at A Shop For Cooks, a cute little kitchen shop in Laguna Niguel. After I knocked Squeaks to the floor and pushed a display of Le Creuset cookware over on her, <not really but I thought it would make for a good story> I bought it, and I even made it home with it. ;-)



The beautiful garlic bread. We did a lot of dipping in a mixture of olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. 

Squeaks bought the baguette it at the Farmer's Market and made the garlic bread with it, it was a big hit. 



Bill and Squeaks were the only ones that knew how to eat whole crabs so Bill patiently and expertly instructed us on how to approach one. 



Resting for round two. 




I've had an elegant sufficiency thank you very much. 




Clean up is pretty easy with a paper lined dining room table. 




Of course we left room for Squeaks Coeurs a la creme with raspberry sauce. It was served with espresso, and Grand Mariner. 

I'm sure she will share this recipe also. Yes?

Thanks Squeaks and Bill for another wonderful weekend. 


And that's that