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Saturday's Pastry Class

I had another great foodie weekend with Squeaks. She and I signed up for a pastry class that was held on Saturday at tspoons Culinary Experience. 


These are the desserts we made; Chocolate Ganache Cake, Cappucino Caramel Creme Brulee, White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue Tart

Come on, see all the fun we had. 



We pulled up to this absolutely charming shop in the Ladera Ranch area. 




There were 4 people to a table. We shared a table with a father daughter team, who I don't think were all that enthused to be there, can't figure out why they were. 




We started off making the caramel for the cappuccino caramel creme brulee. 




Getting ready to make the lemon meringue tart.




Yeah, finally a nice looking tart shell. 




Chef T is the one that started tspoons. She along with the talented Chefs she has on staff have quite impressive bio's. 




Cheesecakes hot out of the oven. Ours are the two up front on the left. 




Mmmm and our Chocolate cakes turned out great also. 




Chef T is showing us an easy way to unmold the chocolate cakes. 




Yummmmm pour on the chocolate ganache. 




I had fun playing with the ganache. 




Sweet and deliciously sticky meringue for the lemon tart. 



After a quick pass with the blow torch, and it's yummy too. 

We were too advanced for that class but we made four great desserts and had a barrel of fun doing it.

Now we are on the lookout for a pie making class. 


And that's that.