Tarte Saint-Germain
Pasta with Seafood Blend and Opo Squash

Evening snack-dinner

Busy, busy, day yesterday.

Yesterday started off with my breaking a glass drinking water bottle on the floor of a church I was visiting for the first time, talk about good first impressions. I doubt they'll be sad if I don't return. And no, I didn't visit that church just because it was half way between home and the kitchen shop. 

But look at what I got. 


A ceramic olive oil dipping set and it was wayyy on sale. I got it for...$3.99


It was time to face a few of the chores I was unable to do while I was so sick these past couple of weeks. That included making sure I had something clean to wear to work today and to chase around a few of the dust bunnies that collected on the tile floors of the cottage.

Too pooped to pop, I fixed myself a little snack for dinner. 


Starting of course with some Rock Canyon Syrah. The meats are sopresata, black forest ham, hot capicola, and proscuitto. 

I needed something green so I wouldn't feel so guilty about eating cold cuts so I added some sugar snap peas, heirloom tomatoes, o.k. I know they are not green but the jalapeño stuffed olives were as well as the cucumbers.  

Pretty darned good.


And that's that