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Newest member of our family

I'd like you to meet the newest member of our family. 




Do you love those eyebrows or what. He is so stinkin' cute.

The brown markings go down just the front of his front and hind legs, all the rest of him is black. 

A co-worker had to find him a new home because her daughter is terribly allergic to dogs. I feel sorry for her but happy for me ;-)


He's a Chihuahua and poodle mix.  It took a couple of days but he and the resident, reigning cat are doing just fine...most of the time. ;-)


Pasta with Seafood Blend and Opo Squash

Shrimp, calamari and scallops swimming in a buttery garlic sauce. I used Trader Joe's seafood blend, it sure is a convenient blend to have on hand.  I also cooked up some opo squash in butter with some onion and a little garlic. 




Opo squash is new to me, I don't remember seeing it before so I thought I'd give it a try. 


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Evening snack-dinner

Busy, busy, day yesterday.

Yesterday started off with my breaking a glass drinking water bottle on the floor of a church I was visiting for the first time, talk about good first impressions. I doubt they'll be sad if I don't return. And no, I didn't visit that church just because it was half way between home and the kitchen shop. 

But look at what I got. 


A ceramic olive oil dipping set and it was wayyy on sale. I got it for...$3.99


It was time to face a few of the chores I was unable to do while I was so sick these past couple of weeks. That included making sure I had something clean to wear to work today and to chase around a few of the dust bunnies that collected on the tile floors of the cottage.

Too pooped to pop, I fixed myself a little snack for dinner. 


Starting of course with some Rock Canyon Syrah. The meats are sopresata, black forest ham, hot capicola, and proscuitto. 

I needed something green so I wouldn't feel so guilty about eating cold cuts so I added some sugar snap peas, heirloom tomatoes, o.k. I know they are not green but the jalapeño stuffed olives were as well as the cucumbers.  

Pretty darned good.


And that's that 


Enough is enough

I'm ready to be well now.

Coughing and hacking until I feel like my head is exploding, my ribs bruising and blood vessels in my neck popping is not my idea of a fun week. 

Not realizing how really sick I was, I went to AZ for the weekend and exposed them to God only knows what. So far the thought is bronchitis, I should get the results of the chest X-ray today. 

This morning all I wanted to eat was some pounced potatoes, potatoes mixed with gobs of real butter and real cream, both of which I am fortunate enough to have. Oh and topped with a sunny side up egg, yes, that'll work. 

I took photos, I think that's a good sign I'm on the mend no? 


Oh how I hate fire season

Keeping a close watch on what has been dubbed The Cowboy Fire. We were ordered to go home early from work. 



So far it's in an isolated area and from what I've heard so no structures are in jeopardy.


Some of my friends from work were told to get ready, just in case. 




View from Cameron Corners. 




It still seems far enough away from the cottage and the wind is blowing the other way. Unfortunately toward some co-workers. 


They have some heavy duty fire fighting planes and helicopters in the sky.  Hopefully it will be out soon. 


God bless our firefighters and please keep them safe.