One Craving Satisfied,
Rock Canyon Vineyards

Pomegranate Molasses and Pancakes

This morning I made some beautiful pancakes. I usually make them from scratch but this morning I used an add water mix, yes I did, Fiber One to be exact. They are pretty good if you don't overcook them.

Anyway, while I was cooking these beautiful stacks of pancakes,


I was also tearing apart the refrigerator and cupboards looking for some maple syrup, none was to be found.

The saga continues...



As luck would have it I found some Pomegranite Molasses.



I use it in recipes like braised lamb shanks and BBQ sauce. It's sweet with a little tang so I figured why the heck not try it.




Just pour that sweetness right on top,




and don't stop until it puddles on the plate.


And that's that