Hectic, Scary, Frustrating, Tiring, Trying, few days
Pomegranate Molasses and Pancakes

One Craving Satisfied,

After eating hospital food for three days, Stan was listing off his cravings; tamales, hamburgers, Italian food, orange chicken, or just about anything that didn't come on a tray. 

We had to go to Alpine Monday so we stopped by Panda Machi in Alpine, one of our favorite quick and inexpensive eateries. We've been going to Panda Machi for years. It has come into new ownership this last year and it is just great, much, much, better. 

One new thing on the menu is the lunch combination plate. Your choice of at least 10 entrees that come with soup and salad, all in the six and seven dollar price range. Each plate also has a potsticker and a cream cheese wonton. 

Let's start with the soup. 


The first word that comes to mind is creamy. It's a rich broth with swirls of egg among pieces of corn, peas and finely diced carrots topped with chopped green onion. Deeeelicious, I ate mine and Stan's. 

Want to see what else we had? 

The soup and salad were served at the same time. After I ate two bowls of soup <hey, they were small, o.k.> we had a nice little salad that was dressed with a wonderful gingery dressing, 


and topped with crispy noodles. 

Stan had the 


Teriyaki chicken that he declared wonderful. 

The vegetables were squash and broccoli cooked to perfection. Not one overcooked limp veggie. 

And I had the


Kung Pao chicken. It was nice and spicy with crispy vegetables and moist chicken chunks, and generously sprinkled with peanuts. 

Really, really danged good. We had the choice of steamed or fried rice, we had steamed. 

The also have a  


sushi bar.

Sushi anyone? mmmmm I'll have some thank you. 

All new tables and chairs and the place is clean, clean. 

It's so nice when an old favorite just keeps getting better and better. 

And that's that