Too Hot to Cook Cold Plate
One Craving Satisfied,

Hectic, Scary, Frustrating, Tiring, Trying, few days

Friday Stan went in for an Angiogram and came out with an Angioplasty. 

During his annual physical, some routine tests showed Stan has some minor heart damage indicating he may have sometime in the past had a heart attack, and not even know it. He was faced with the decision to have an angiogram, to go in and see if there is any blockage and if so to what extent, or, not have the procedure at all. Well, waiting to see if you might or might not have another heart attack is not much of an option that we can see. 

Going in for the angiogram we knew there was the possibility that he might need a stent. As luck would have it he did have to have one, thank God just one. The blockage was minor and the procedure went smoothly. 

He was to come home yesterday, well; after waiting for a long eleven hours, sitting on a hard straight back chair, afraid to even go get a cup of coffee for fear I'd miss the Dr. (that didn't come until 7:00 P.M.)<wahh, wahhh poor me> I went home without him because his temperature was up and his blood pressure was down. 

The Dr.kept him overnight again and ordered more tests. So far the tests show no infection, so we are just waiting for the results of the chest X-Ray and a visit from the Dr., hopefully sometime before the sun comes back up. :-)

The face of a man that found out he gets to go home from the hospital today. 

Yes, that's as big as his smile gets, for him, that's a huge one. ;-) you should see mine. 

And that's that