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Foodie Weekend, Saturday Morning

Foodie Weekend

Last weekend was one of my greatest weekends ever. I was able to spend the weekend visiting with some special foodie friends, Terry "Squeaks" and her husband Bill. They were kind enough to open their home to me and another foodie Christine to come visit and cook. 


That's me hiding behind Squeaks. 

We arrived Friday afternoon and started cooking right away, wanna see what we made Fri night? 


I was pretty much ordered to make my chorizo "thingies" as they are called on the cooking group. Bill loves them and I'm more than happy to make them for him or anyone that loves them as much as I do. 

Christine brought some of her homemade pizza dough and got busy making us a beautiful olive tappenade pizza, 

Squeaks sliced the mozzarella cheese for the pizza with her Rösle wire cheese slicer. I swear, it slices through the cheese like a hot knife through buddah. I bought one at Sur La Table before I left. I can't wait to use it. 

Squeaks made a decadent Charlston Truffle Cake. And when I say decadent, I mean decadent. You can get a tooth ache just looking at it. 

NO!! that is not a bite out of the cake in the upper left corner of the picture, I swear we did not sample any of it before it was served. 

I dream about this cake. 

Tomorrow I'll post about what we did on Saturday. In the meantime, here's the cake recipe. 

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Charleston Truffle Cake


  The Nut Crust

3 cups pecans; finely chopped

1 cup brown sugar; not too firmly packed

1/8 teaspoon nutmet; grated

1/2 pound Butter; room temperature

  The Filling

1 1/2 pounds bittersweet chocolate; Belgian

9 large eggs

1/2 pound Butter; melted

1 cup heavy cream

1 1/2 cups confectioners sugar; loosely packed

The pecans may be chopped in the food processor, but not too find.* Blend

them in a mixing bowl with the brown sugar, nutmet, and butter. Press the

mixture as evenly as possible over the bottom and up the sides of a 9"

springform pan.  It should have the shape of a tall pie shell. Chill.

For the filling, put the chocolate in a saucepan and set it in a slightly

larger pan containing simmering water until melted.

Put the eggs into the bowl of an electrix mixer and start beating. Scrape

the chocolate into the eggs while beating. Add the melted butter, cream and

confectioners' sugar. Pour into the crust and chill.

Unmold and cut into wedges.  Serve, if desired, with sweetened whipped

cream on the side.

Note: Chop the nuts very fine.

Yield: 8 or More

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