Foodie Weekend
Foodie Weekend, Saturday Evening

Foodie Weekend, Saturday Morning

Our gracious hostess for the foodie weekend got up very early on Saturday and made us biscuits from scratch. Not only did we get home made from scratch biscuits, 


but we got to have them with Barb Schaller's Berry Very Berry Jam. 

Barb, for those of you who don't know, is not only a wonderful giving woman, she's also the jam queen of the Minnesota State Fair. She sent some jam to Squeaks for us to enjoy over the weekend. 

Squeaks ran downstairs in her robe, 

 whipped up the biscuits, ran back upstairs, showered, and was back downstairs dressed and ready to go before the biscuits were ready to come out of the oven. 

Dang, my head was spinning, I was on my second cup of coffee trying to wake up so we could get to the farmer's market early. 

The night before, Squeaks showed us the last of the White Lilly Flour she has from the old flour mill. 


It was a very tender moment, and I feel privileged that she shared such emotion with us before using it to make our biscuits. I'm forever grateful.  



It's a great farmer's market and we had so much fun. 

As I rounded the corner I saw Christine getting into her purse. She swears that she was not putting the yellow bells in her purse, but that she was getting money to pay for her purchase. I had to get a photo of this. 

We found the Schreiner's sausage guy recommended to us by fellow foodie Dimitri. 

The Schreiner's man was kind enough to take our picture so we could show Dimitri we followed his advice. 


Some of our haul from the farmer's market. Oh yes! we stopped at Sur la table also, what a great store. That's for another post, love the place. 

On our way back to the house we stopped by a great market in Irvine and Squeaks bought some wild caught salmon for our dinner.  

Oh mercy me!, we'll be eatin' good in the hood. 

To be continued.