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It's Lemon Blossoms Y'alll

The Hummers came to visit

It was so much fun watching Lady Hummer raise her family. I was so happy she chose to raise them right outside my door at work. 


She would nestle patiently on her eggs. 


She'd fly off to eat, exercise and preen. 

KCB_0019 (1) 

Then fly back into the nest to patiently sit on her eggs some more.  

She raised two beautiful little ones. The little hatchlings kept their eyes in the sky and always knew where their mother was, 


because they knew she'd be home with dinner soon. 

The little guy on the right is the smaller of the two, he wasn't as aggressive a feeder as his sibling. While she was feeding the larger one on the left, the smaller one would just be looking around, not seeming to be interested in feeding at all. Being the good mom that she is, she'd peck him on the head several times during feeding time to get his attention to eat.

It was a real treat to watch them grow and sad to see them go. 

Thank you momma hummer for sharing your kids with me. 

And that's that