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Calf Roping

Stuffed Peperoncini

Cream cheese loaded with onion and bacon, then piped into spicy peperoncini halves. 


When you make these, I hope most of them make it to the plate. 


Just a few ingredients that really pack a punch. Peperoncini peppers, cream cheese, green onion and Bacon Bits. 

Here's a little tip; holding the pepper over the jar, make a little slit with you knife in the tip of the pepper, let the juice from the pepper drain back into the jar. This will help keep your work surface less messy. 

I use the juice from the peppers to make spicy eggs. Hard boil some eggs, cool, peel and put into the peperoncini juice for about a week. These will make some kickin' deviled eggs. 

 Slice the peppers in half lengthwise. If you made a slit in the end to drain the peppers, be sure to start slicing with the slit. Remove as many seeds as you can. 

Finely dice the white end a spring onion. Julienne the green end of the onion, then cut the across the slices making a fine dice. 

I chunk up the cream cheese and put into a food processor to process the cheese until it is light and fluffy. This is not a necessary step, I just like the cream cheese that way.  


To the cream cheese add the onion and bacon bits. 

Put the cheese mix into a sandwich bag, or parchment paper cone. If using the sandwich bag, load the cheese into one corner of the bag and snip off a small piece of the corner and pipe into the pepper halves. 

For every 16 oz jar of peppers you will need one 8oz block of cream cheese, one spring onion and 1/4 cup of bacon bits. 

As easy as that. You of course will adjust the ingredients to suit you taste, and experiment with different ingredients to add to the cream cheese. 

And that's that