Fields of wheat
Mexican Food night at the Diner

Starting Vacation Mode

I got my vacation mode going on today. My vacation doesn't officially start until tomorrow but I didn't want to waste any vacation time getting into the groove, so I didn't do anything I didn't want to do today.

I played around on a web site where you can make collages, it's free and easy peasy.

Lemon collage.jpg 

There are several templates to choose from and you are able to manipulate the photos.

Then I...

made another collage using Smoky as the subject.


She's so stinkin' cute. 

Then I played around in Photoshop.


I was playing around with actions. I'm not real good with them yet, I'm just learning how to use the frames actions.

Since I am going back to AZ later in the week to visit with Erika and family, 

My egg

my grandsons were on my mind while I made breakfast. I have to admit I stole this idea from a participant on the cooking group.

Oh_my_gosh_I can hear it now. Grandma-ma, you put your cat in a beautiful frame and we get an egg.

And I took a picture of some delicious juicy tangerines.


I think I'll use this one for my next banner.

I've been living in my Crocs ever since I bought them, I luuuv them and I'm going to buy another pair in a different color. 

Today I wore them without socks just to see how they'd feel. Then I noticed, dang, you can see my pedicure through Micky's head. How cool is that.



I just love the little rhinestone in the middle of the flower. 

I guess I should warn you.

Since I'll be on vacation this just might be the first of several totally useless, senseless posts. ;-)

And that's that