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Mexican Food night at the Diner

Last night we me friends for dinner at the Campo Diner. 


Tuesday night is Mexican food night and it was pretty darned good. 


 I think just about anything eaten with friends is pretty darned good. 


This is Stan's best friend Dick. They have been friends since they were 14 yr old little hoodlums running the streets of San Diego. <don't tell them I said that>


So what happens on Mexican food night is you get what they planned, no choices. Well yes, you have choices, to order it or not. You can order off the regular menu but there is only one Mexican food offering. 

Last night they chose Flautas for us, they were wonderful. Two flautas, rice and beans. 

Dick was hoping they were going to have Chile Rellenos, those are his favorite. If he says they make good rellenos, they must be terrific. I'm looking forward to trying them. 

I'll let you know how they are. If they are anything like the flautas they should be great. 

And that's that