Jarod's Nine
Fields of wheat

Don't tell anyone but...

I bought a pair of Crocs this weekend. 


I know, I know, they are considered the fashion disaster of the decade but...

I've been wanting a pair for the longest time and I promise I will wear them only around the cottage. 

The cottage has tile floors throughout, <justification alert > and my legs and lower back ache when I stand on the tiles for any amount of time cooking and washing dishes. 

Besides, I found them for only 10 bucks at Big lots In Lake Havasu while I was visiting there. Such a deal. 


They are so comfortable I want to sleep in them, Smoky wants to smell them. ;-)

But what really sold me on them was...


M.I.Ceeeee K.E.Yiiiiiii. M.O.U.S.E

O.K. I'll make an appointment with a therapist, I'm sure I'll find a good one in the Yellow Pages. 

Ha, ha, no, I don't have one already smarty. 

And that's that.