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Starting Vacation Mode

I got my vacation mode going on today. My vacation doesn't officially start until tomorrow but I didn't want to waste any vacation time getting into the groove, so I didn't do anything I didn't want to do today.

I played around on a web site where you can make collages, it's free and easy peasy.

Lemon collage.jpg 

There are several templates to choose from and you are able to manipulate the photos.

Then I...

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Fields of wheat


I just love driving through the Imperial and Yuma Valleys, there is always something going on. 

This trip wheat was in the fields. When I drove through in December it was cabbage.


I love the different shades of green that is on one single stock of wheat.


Oh, I can smell the bread baking now.

And that's that

Jarod's Nine


He turned 9 last Friday. All he wanted for his birthday was a swim party 


 with some of his friends, 


and hopefully the rest of the money he needed to buy the PS3 he's been saving up for. 

I think his 9yr old wishes came true. 

He deserves it, he's a great kid.