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I put on my big girl panties and did it

I bought my own domain name, I even got brave and went into the bowels of TypePad and GoDaddy and changed the necessary settings to make it happen.

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time, but I just didn't feel confident enough in myself to make the changes. Heck, I didn't want to link to "who knows what" in "who knows where" and embarrass myself. 

Last week I bought a great Dummies book called TypePad for Dummies. They make the whole process clear, concise, easy and painless.

I'm excited now, to go through the rest of the book and see what other cool things I can do with my blog.

So here I am at Whoop, Whoop. 

Thanks for being here with me. 

It ended up being Kale Soup

I guess some would call it refrigerator soup. I call it "I don't know where in the heck I'm going with this soup"

I had some homemade chicken broth and half a can of whole peeled tomatoes, that needed to be used.

I started digging through the refrigerator and here's what I ended up with,

Kale soup 

Kale soup. 

I won't show you the inside of my refrigerator but I will show how I got here. ;-)

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Tomato Concentrate and Recipe Inspirations, how cool are these

One thing I ran across lately that I thought was so cool, were the little packages of concentrated tomato paste. There are 4 individual packages stuck together, sold as one unit.

Tom paste 

I thought they were new and pretty cool, only to find out, they aren't so new to some people. 

I found mine locally, but if you are interested Sadaf has an online store.

Dang, I'll never be cutting edge. 

Today I saw recipe cards with the spices for the recipe on the card. McCormick Recipe Inspirations.

Spice card 

Or are these spice cards with the recipe on the card. 

Anyway, they are wayyy cool. They are available in about 5 different recipes.

Spice card recipe 

I think these are great. I hope they will encourage budding new cooks to use fresh ingredients instead of using prepackaged foods with who knows what for ingredients.

They are inexpensive. I got this card at Albertson's for a buck fifty. An inexpensive way to go while you are building up your spice rack. 

Doesn't take much to make me happy does it. ;-)