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Artsy Fartsy Necklaces

As you know I'm visiting dear daughter and family this weekend. We squeezed out a few minutes yesterday to get artsy and make a necklace for Erika.

Necklace one

If I remember my beads right, the stones are landscape stones. We threaded them with black onyx and Hill Tribe silver.

Necklace clasp 

We used a beautiful sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

Want to see the one I made for me?

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Foggy Freeway

I left early yesterday morning to come visit Erika, BJ and the boys for the weekend.

Since it's been so icy I didn't want to start off until after the sun came up and started warming things up. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd get up early on weekends also so I could drive around and get some great morning shots. 

Fog layer 

I had to stop and get this shot of the fog that covered Boulevard.

I thought it looks so beautiful the way it settled down around the mountains and hills, then...

Fog driving into 

I realized I had to drive through it, Yikes!!!

Sanaam Chili Pepper Vinegar

When I placed my latest order with Penzeys Spices I also ordered a couple of peppers that were new to me. 


I ordered some Tien Tsin China Chili Peppers and some Sanaam from India.

One nice thing, among many nice things, about about ordering spices from Penzeys is that recipe ideas are almost always included with spice. 

One recipe on the label of the Sanaam peppers is a recipe for Chili Vinegar, wanna see how it's made?

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Roadside Artist

I have meet some very interesting people. Some I've met in grocery stores and some alongside the roadways. 

Roadside painter 

On my way home from work I noticed this gentleman alongside the road. Of course I had to turn around and go meet him. 

He is David Armstrong, Painter-Artist.

He was painting the Gaskill's stone store museum, the site of the Famous shoot out at Camp Creek

Roadside painter two 

He is a local artist and he also has a studio in the Borrego desert. He also has some art for sale in a studio in Alpine CA.

He's a very interesting man and from what I could see a very good artist. He works in oils, watercolors and acrylics

Unfortunately he has become allergic to the oil paints so he has to wear gloves while painting with oils.

If you would like to see any of his art you can contact him at,

Like I said before, I love my commute.