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Artsy Fartsy Necklaces

As you know I'm visiting dear daughter and family this weekend. We squeezed out a few minutes yesterday to get artsy and make a necklace for Erika.

Necklace one

If I remember my beads right, the stones are landscape stones. We threaded them with black onyx and Hill Tribe silver.

Necklace clasp 

We used a beautiful sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

Want to see the one I made for me?

After church this morning, the family project was to wash the dog. I opted out on that moment of family togetherness thankyouverymuch, so I used the time productively and made myself a necklace. I need something to wear with grays.

I watched the dog washing fun through the patio door while I made this. 

Grey necklace 

It's made with Hill Tribe silver, carnelian beads and a stone bead that I can't remember the name of.

I hope my niece Becci sees this post, she'll know what I used. 

Grey necklace close 

I think this looks great on the gray top I made it for, don't you?