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Eyes in the sky

New plane jeremy flying four

My oldest grandson Jeremy has had his eyes in the sky for a few months now. 

He got his first remote control airplane for his birthday in October. 

New plane jeremy flying two 

The expression of sheer joy on his face when he's flying just melts a grandma-ma's heart.

New plane maiden flight 

His dad took him out to fly the new plane he got for Christmas.

A local flying enthusiast has taken Jeremy under his wing <no pun intended> and built both of his airplanes for him, which has saved them a lot of money. He also has been a great flying coach for Jeremy and a support to the family as they undertake this new adventure with Jeremy. 

New plane new remote control 

He also got a new control radio. Anyway, I think that's what it's called ;-)

Now he can fly both airplanes with one controller. This was the maiden flight for both the new plane and the controller and their "coach" was out of town, we were a little nervous at first.

New plane down the runway 

After doing the pre-flight checks it was time to just jump in and do it.

Off we go into the wild blue yonder...

New plane in wild blue yonder

flying high into the sky.

New plane jeremy flying three 

Ohhhh the joy and concentration.

New plane flying we're excited 

All eyes are in the sky now.

Jeremy is doing just great. He said it is easier to fly the planes with the new radio controller, or what ever you call it. 

He even got the planes to do some loops. Way to go buddy.

New plane flight crew after perfect landing 

Little brother Jarod, a great crew member, retrieves the plane that just landed safely.

This plane is cool as it can land on water also.

New plane testing new control with other plane 

Tested the new controller with the other plane; that went great also.

New plane ohter plane landing 

Coming in for a landing. 

New plane sea gulls

The only challenge was the sea gulls.

They weren't sure about that different bird in the sky and kept circling around the flying area.

It was a great day for flying for everyone.