Steak with a Mushroom, Blue Cheese Sauce
Homemade Tomato Sauce

Trattoria Tiramisu

We had a great late lunch here yesterday before going to the La Mesa Farmer's market. I last wrote about this restaurant a couple of years ago when we went to the La Mesa Oktoberfest.  

Our meal was started with hot crusty bread and a dish of olive oil with some balsamic vinegar drizzled in for dipping.

Hot bread 

This was accompanied by,

Fiano, Carraia Sicilia

a glass of Sicilian wine, Fiano, Carraia. I wish I had the proper wine language to describe this, that's why the link. All I can tell you is it was the perfect wine for my meal.

C'mon, lets eat.

I ordered from the lunch specials menu.


We had a choice of soup or salad, guess what I chose. I was told the soup was Minestrone, it was very different from any Minestrone I've ever had, it was delicious but different. It had carrots, white beans and small pieces of potato. The broth was rich and had a creamy texture that I'm sure came from the beans. I was tempted to sip the broth from the bowl, but I minded my manners and finished it with a spoon.


Stan and Vicky had salads of Iceberg lettuce with a couple of carrot strips. They had a choice of Italian dressing or Ranch. They had Italian and deemed it excellent.

Rigatoni chick

Vicky had the Rigatoni al Pollo. It's chicken, broccoli and sun dried tomato in a cream sauce. She really liked it. I took a bite and decided I'd like to order that next the time we go.

Shower of Parmesan

Did I get a lucky shot or what. Look at that shower of Parmesan cheese.

Stan had the Rigatoni alla Norcina. It's their homemade Italian sausage with porcini mushrooms in a light cream sauce. I took a bite of this and decided I'd like to order that the next time we go. Wait, looks like we need to eat there several more times. Won't bother me a bit.

Homemade sausage

Look at those beautiful chunks of homemade sausage. There were nice sized pieces of mushroom also.


I had Talapia ala origano. Lightly sauted and served with a white wine sauce, I ate it all. The vegetables were perfectly al dente.

After our lunch plates were cleared, our waiter placed three spoons around the table and asked us to wait a minute.

Panna cotta

We were surprised with a Panna Cotta. A delicious, creamy rich Panna Cotta with a berry sauce. Oh shut the door.

As stuffed as we already were, we managed to have this velvety dessert slide down our throats and send us out the door happier than we already were.