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Birthday Shenanigans

Last week was my birthday. My sister is good about making sure we have a birthday celebration for the birthday people. We do one party for all of the birthday people for that month. We have very few months we don't have a birthday party. 

Birthday cake 

St. Robert bakes a cake for each birthday person. Some months he bakes four, but this month he only had to bake two.

One for me and one for...

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Trattoria Tiramisu

We had a great late lunch here yesterday before going to the La Mesa Farmer's market. I last wrote about this restaurant a couple of years ago when we went to the La Mesa Oktoberfest.  

Our meal was started with hot crusty bread and a dish of olive oil with some balsamic vinegar drizzled in for dipping.

Hot bread 

This was accompanied by,

Fiano, Carraia Sicilia

a glass of Sicilian wine, Fiano, Carraia. I wish I had the proper wine language to describe this, that's why the link. All I can tell you is it was the perfect wine for my meal.

C'mon, lets eat.

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