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From a Basic BLT to Sourdough Starter

My basic BLT consists of bacon, heirloom tomatoes and crispy lettuce on lightly toasted sourdough bread that's been slathered with mayonnaise.

BLTe finished blt sandwich 

Come see how I went from a BLT to a sourdough bread starter. I'm so easily influenced.

BLTa mayo and lettuce

I started by lightly toasted some sourdough bread. On one piece of bread I put mayo and topped it with some romaine lettuce.

BLTb add tom's and pepper 

Then took some slices of a delicious rich heirloom tomato and put that on top of the lettuce. Be sure and add some freshly ground black pepper.

BLTc add bacon

Then the slices of tomato were topped with applewood smoked bacon. 

BLTf open wide 

Put a mayo slathered lid on and open wide. Have plenty of napkins ready.

I was making this BLT and taking photos of it to post to a cooking group I participate on.

One of the participants asked if I baked the bread. Dang it all, I had to say no. It's been a while since I've baked sourdough bread and I used to bake bread and rolls all the time.

So I got busy and looked up some information on sourdough starters and found MIke. I'm following his instructions religiously, so far so good.

Starterb weigh flour 

I weighed the flour,

Starterc weigh water 

and water.

Startere cover wait 

Coverd and waited.

Starterf bubbling 

Following Mike's instructions and learning starter patience from him, I now have the start of a healthy starter.

This is all you will hear from me on the starter, Mike's page says it all. Besides, If I really screw it up I don't want to have to report it to you.

I am in no way associated with him. He doesn't even know I exist. 

I'm looking forward to showing off some of my bread.

And that's that