Biscuits and Gravy, yep, Sausage Gravy
Homemade Pizza Marguerite

Birthday Shenanigans

Last week was my birthday. My sister is good about making sure we have a birthday celebration for the birthday people. We do one party for all of the birthday people for that month. We have very few months we don't have a birthday party. 

Birthday cake 

St. Robert bakes a cake for each birthday person. Some months he bakes four, but this month he only had to bake two.

One for me and one for...


Steve, he's my nephew. Actually nephew in law ;-) Is there such a thing? 


We had a great time visiting, eating and drinking. We are fortunate enough to have a couple of college exchange students. One is from Korea and the other is from Vietnam.

Not sure if they should be thrown into a family like ours but they fit themselves in quite well. I can only imagine what they write home. No one's come to rescue them yet so it can't be too bad. 


One of Ethan's aunties is tempting him with a cheese cracker. 


Close to eating time. I see the menfolk are the first to gather round the table.


I think we have enough seats for everyone.


And everyone has a seat, even the young-ens. Who, by the way, are growing up so fast.


Blessing said, food passed, happy family and friends.


This is the wine I drank. I had several witty quips for this but decided to pass.

Here __________________________ You fill in your own. ;-)


These Sisters in law truly love each other. Annie on the left fixed up her brother with Patty on the right. We are a lucky family.


After cake and ice cream we then retired to the patio for some pumpkin carving. Dang, I hope that's fruit punch and not wine that got spilled.


Uncle Paul entertained his nephew.


This was a first for our exchange students. Lord knows what they thought of this strange custom.


Don't know what tickled them so, but I love this shot. 


Looks like Ethan broke away from Paul and decided to help Paul's dog Tobi with her snack.


So Tobes, that doesn't look very good, whatcha say we call out for a pizza.


Yummm pizza sounds good.


Please don't tell me he's zeroing in on my tail. 


Oh! the indignities I have to suffer.


Erin to the rescue.


Sharp knives and slimy innards, I think everyone had a great time.

Sorry no food photos, Margie doesn't cook. Well she does have one dish she makes, Stouffer's frozen lasagna, that is if she can get someone else to put it into the oven for her. We had a nice green salad, fruit salad and bread to go with it.

It was a great day.