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Consumer Alert for Trader Joe's Shoppers

Trader Joe's is selling a product called Wasabi WOW. You must avoid these at all costs, they are evil.
You are enticed by the succulent soft dried cranberries, the crunchy saltiness of the almonds and the slight sweetness of the perfectly roasted peanuts, then you are lured back by the sweetness of the golden raisins.
Then it happens BAM!!!!!!!!!! your mouth is assaulted with a burning sensation, your eyes are watering and your ears are ringing. Through your tears you reach back into the bowl to hopefully pick out a sweet cranberry or raisin to soothe the assault upon your person. Here's where the evil-ness of it all comes in. Will you get a nice sweet fruit...a nice salty cruncy nut...something soothing..or another wasabi pea assault.
Oh the evil-ness of it all bwwwaahhhahahahahahahaha.

Wasabi wow close

I want you to know that I thoroughly researched this by eating this bowl full all by myself before reporting.