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The Best Carnitas

The best carnitas I've ever made. This is the way I'll be making them from now on.

Use a pork shoulder or butt. I cut slits all over the roast and stuffed them with slivers of garlic, then topped it with a 4oz can of Hatch brand diced green chiles. Put it in the crockpot with onion, celery, bay leaf, thyme and left for work.

Carnitas pork crockpot

This beauty is what I came home to, _oh_for_yummy. Let's make some carnitas now.

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Egg Noodles

I've been sick and home from work all week. Nasty, nasty, cold that knocked me off my feet. Yesterday I was starving for chicken noodle soup, so I put a chicken with some onion, carrots, celery and water in the electric kettle and went back to bed.
A few hours later I picked the chicken meat off the bones, bones back into the pot for further simmering, another nap ;-) Later when I woke up I considered just throwing some rice into the pot and calling it good. But_no_I had to have my noodles.

I looked at a few egg noodle recipes and chose the easiest one I found. Here's what I did.

Egg noodles one copy

The recipe called for 1 cup of flour, make a well in the middle of the flour to which a whole egg is added. Add 1/2 egg shell of milk and mix. The dough should be soft and a little sticky, add more milk if necessary. Flour the board and roll out thin.

Egg noodles two copy

I wanted_noodles_so I made mine a little thicker. I rolled the dough up and cut it into rounds. Unroll the rounds then,

Egg noodles four copy 

drop into boiling chicken soup.

Chicken noodle soup 

It tasted soooo good, I mean really, really, good. It was even great for breakfast this morning.

I think it's working it's magic already.


Just a couple more things I had to get for the cottage

I've been driving past Cobblestone Cottages at least once a month for the past ten years and I never stopped. It's the cutest little tea shop and there are also a couple of gift shop cottages by the patio.

Friday I took the time to stop because I just knew I'd find something cute for the cottage, and was I ever right.

Cans veg's

I couldn't believe I found these and in green too.

Look at what else I got.

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Matilda's on restriction

Since we've moved to the cottage Matilda's had the run of the fenced 3 acres. I've been very lax with her training because I've either been terribly busy or terribly tired. This past week I've had the feeling that trouble, with a capital T right here in River City, was in the air. Yesterday Matilda would not let our landlords out of the gate without chasing them in their car. They had to drive up to the cottage in order for me to get her so they could leave. Well...the little sh*t kept running round and round their car and wouldn't come to me when called. That did it. I refuse to be ignored, especially by a dog.

I've been taking her out on her leash and doing the training with her we learned in the puppy classes. Surprisingly she responded very well. For her reward she was let off the leash for a while this evening.

Matilda one

Matilda three

Neighbor horses

Last night as I was walking Matilda around the property on her leash, I had a chance to see the horses that our neighbors have. I love hearing them winnie and the horsey smell I get once in a while when the wind changes.


We also came across three graves. I made sure they were of deceased pets and not tenants that were late with the rent. :-) or so they say. I see there is room for one more =:-0

Sprucing up the cottage

It's been fun "sprucing up" the cottage albeit a little costly. My friend Shelly gifted us with a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond along with a 20% off coupon. Yahoo!!!! time to get some new bedding.

In the 5th wheel the mattress was on a platform so we didn't need much more than a nice comforter and some shams. When we moved into the cottage we had to buy a box spring and frame to put the mattress on. The comforter just covered the mattress but not the box spring and frame, Tackeeeeeeeee. Besides, how can I hide a bunch of "stuff" under the bed like that.

I found a bedspread on sale for half price but it is for a King and we have a Queen. I figured that for half price having the bedspread overhang a little more than it should is something I could deal with. With the help of a nice BB&B staff member I found the bed skirt, (we used to call them dust ruffles.) I had fun trying to iron it on a table top ironing board, I did my best.

Bed two

The book case will be moved eventually but for right now it's serving a dual purpose. Stan is using one of the shelves as a night stand while I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with the room. I'm using a nice sturdy little cardboard box. I think this gives a whole new meaning to Shabby Chic. ;-)

On the way home from BB&B I stopped by Summers Past Farms for some bathroom soap.

Bathroom lavender

I decided the bathroom will have a lavender theme so I bought a bar of lavender soap and an old time soap dish. Yes, I know the soap dish is rusted through the paint and yes, I did spend good money on it, on purpose. I also bought some lavender potpourri and a pretty little glass jar to put it in. 

I think I'm getting a pretty good start on fixing up our little cottage.

I love grocery shopping

You meet some of the most interesting people in grocery stores.

I passed a man a couple of times while perusing the aisles of Albertson's Sunday. I could have sworn he was carrying a didgeridoo. I couldn't stand it any longer so in the cooking oil aisle I finally asked him if that was a didgeridoo he was carrying. I think he was surprised and impressed that I knew what it was.

Come to find out he makes and sells them. He was kind enough to play it for me, and tell me about this one and the others he's made. I appreciated the time he took with me. I hope he eventually found his wife who kept on shopping as we spoke. The last I saw of him he was heading toward the produce section.

Thank you Jack for making my day.


So, if you must have a didgeridoo call Jack. I am not in any way affiliated or receive any compensation.


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