Nova Salmon, the snack that became dinner
Look who stopped by the cottage

We're moving Yippiee!!!!!!!!!!

And it wasn't even in our immediate plans.

As you know we've been living in a 36' double slide out 5th wheel trailer.

5th wheel

We've been happy and comfortable...

until a couple of years ago when Stan had a mini stroke. Even though the stroke was mild and not debilitating it did have a slight residual effect on Stan's mobility. Getting in and out of the trailer was becoming more and more difficult and maneuvering the steps inside, up into the bedroom and bathroom is tiresome for him.

It's been in the back of our minds that a change would have to come some time soon, we just never actively pursued a move. (whew, now I know why, it's hard work) Two weeks ago in church, I sat in front of a couple that happened to have a little "granny flat" for rent. We went to look at it that afternoon and rented it on the spot.

New kitchen

Of course the first photo is of the kitchen. No more putting the cutting board across the sink to have working room. Yahoooo counter space and a full size refrigerator.

It's 120 sq ft more than we had in the 5th wheel, so even though it's tiny it's just fine for us. I've nicknamed it "The Cottage" Off to the right is the bedroom and bathroom. I'm taking the picture from the living room.

Area rugs and decorations are in the works, and the progress will be posted here. You've been warned. ;-)

We started off with some inexpensive pieces from IKEA. Assembling furniture is so much fun, not.


This is love seat size and makes into a bed. That's Stan's new recliner peeking in the corner. 

We needed something to put the t.v on so we decided a cabinet would be good.

Cabinet started 

We started it together but Stan ditched me to get another load from the 5th wheel,

Cabinet finished 

so I finished it myself. I only had 6 widgets left over when I was done. Hey, it's still standing. Trust me, since this photo was taken it's been filled.

Back to work now, I have 4 large boxes of kitchen "stuff" looking at me. How in the world did I get so much in that trailer.