Look who stopped by the cottage
The Rhododendron are in bloom dahling...really they are

A lot going on

It's been a busy couple of weeks. We still are moving some things in, I know, get-with-it-already. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want look at it, we don't have a time limit in which to vacate our previous residence so we are moving at our leisure.
That's a good thing because last Thursday my sister Margie and I flew up to Seattle to see our extremely sick sister Fran. She's in the hospital with Lymphoma large cell B, she's in a pretty advanced stage and we weren't sure what we would be facing when we got there. Our primary goal was to be a support to her family, (husband and 3 grown children) to give them a little break and take our turns staying with her in the hospital. She didn't know we were there, but we did. She's responding well to treatment and of course we are praying and hopeful for a remission.
We got a chance to visit with Don our brother in law and our two nieces and nephew. That was so nice as it's been a while since we've seen them. We feel a little guilty that we had such a good time on our trip but Fran wouldn't want it any other way. I've been chastising myself for not visiting them more often.
Margie and I stayed at a nice little Inn, The Inn at Virginia Mason close to the hospital.


Come see what we ate.

We got so hooked on the dining room at the Inn we had all our dinners there. In the morning we'd get a thermal pot of coffee from the coffee shop in the Inn, you can't get a bad cup of coffee in Seattle, then we'd walk to the hospital and visit Fran then we'd eat in the hospital cafeteria. 
We didn't know you weren't allowed refills of your drinks in the cafeteria and Margie was refilling her diet coke all the time, her large, diet coke at least twice everyday. On the last day I got caught topping off my coffee that was barely 1/4 gone. "We don't allow refills here" was delivered with a glare, Yikes, at least she didn't make me pay for my coffee all over again.

Margie made our last minute travel arrangements on Wednesday and we flew out Thursday morning. Emotionally and physically tired Thursday night we weren't into exploring what and where to eat, all we knew was we needed a nice meal and a glass (or two) of wine. We chose The Rhododendron room at the Inn, then all we'd have to do is drag our tired stuffed bodies up to the room. Which is was was the case as we had some great meals.

Thursday night we had...


I had the panini. It was ham with brie cheese and roasted asparagus with a choice of potato salad, coleslaw or chips. I chose the coleslaw which was delicious, a little on the dry side, just how I like it. The panini was great, the bread nice and crunchy and the brie creamy, a great combination all the way around.

Chick brst sand 

Margie had the chicken breast sandwich which she declared delicious. We both cleaned our plates.

Choc dessert 

And since we were such good girls we got to have dessert. I had to put it on the window ledge to get a shot as it was getting darker in the dining room and I didn't want to use the flash. I forget what it was but it was chocolaty and delicious, that's apricot sauce on the plate. Ooooo how I wanted to lick that plate. Notice the artsy, fartsy shot of the dessert with the patio fountain in the background.

We noticed some great looking meals the other people were eating and decided to try them the next night.

I started with a bowl of clam chowder.

Clam chowder

It was so good with nice chunks of red potatoes and big pieces of clams.


I had the prawns with grilled asparagus and rice pilaf. Oh, My, Gosh. I wish I had some now, it was perfect.


Margie had the smoked salmon pasta. It was really, really rich and delicious. We took our leftovers to the room but we were so stuffed we couldn't even nibble on it later.

Friday night we had salad, had to counter the rich meal the night before.

Cesar salad 

I think we were still a little full from the night before so we split...


a delicious carmelized onion, artichoke, sun dried tomato pizza topped with feta cheese. 

Lisa doted on us while we were there. Our first night there was her's also so we learned the menu together.


The latest on Fran is that things are pretty much the same. They want to get her off the respirator for more than a few hours at a time. I'll keep you posted.