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Asparagus tips

Pun intended. 

Rstd aspar close  

I was in the checkout line behind a handsome 30 something young man, who I assumed to be a bachelor. So when I saw among his few grocery items a bunch of asparagus, I excused myself and asked him how he cooks it. As he turned toward me, I don't know if it was his beautiful baby blues, or the fact that he told me he_boils_them that I felt myself gasp. Oh darlin' you need grandma-ma's help.

Here's my favorite way to fix asparagus.

Rstd aspar close

When choosing asparagus look at the tips making sure they are still closed tight. The spear I put on top is opening and is an older spear.

Rstd aspar snap end copy 

After the asparagus is washed it's time to get rid of the woody stem. Taking the tip of the spear in one hand the the stem in the other start bending the stem end until it snaps. That's usually where the tough and tender meet. Some save the stem ends to use when making stock.

Rstd aspar peeled

Some also peel the stem end. Nah, too much trouble for me.

Rstd aspar olive oil

Drizzle the spears with olive oil,

Rstd aspar s&p

put on a broiler pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Rstd aspar in broiler

Put those babies under the broiler but don't go too far away, they won't take that long.

Rstd asparagus

These are pretty close to what you want. I like to go even a little darker.

Rstd veggs slice pot's

Since I had the broiler on and a few fingerling potatoes hanging out. I sliced them lengthwise into thin strips, did the olive oil salt and pepper thing,

Rstd veggies

and broiled them with the few asparagus spears that didn't fit on the pan with the others.

Don't believe I've ever broiled potatoes before but this is my new favorite way to fix them. I think they'd be good sprinkled with some Parmesan cheese and spices once they are done.