Out Of The Corner Of My Eye
Creamed Spinach Parmesan

Hummingbird Moth

Am I in nature mode or what!!!

Last evening as Matilda and I were walking out the door to go for a nice evening walk, I saw what I thought were baby hummingbirds all around the lilac bush, oh man, did I want some pictures of this. I was in such a big hurry to get back into the house to get my camera, I tripped over Matilda's leash and spilled the training treats bag, much to Matilda's delight. I got her staked out and she started happily macking out on her treats (mostly Cheerios and a few liver bites.) and I got my camera.

Hummingbird moth one

At closer look, that's not a hummingbird, don't know what the heck it is. My next thought was wasps on steroids. Yikes!! that would mean I'll get bit pretty soon.

Hummingbird moth two

Better hurry up and snap as many pictures as I can before I need medical help. Wait, those are moth colors but they don't look like any moths I know.

Hummingbird moth three

So I took all 50 pictures to work today and asked around. Everyone but me knows that they are Hummingbird Moths. So, now I know too. ;-)