Happy 13th Anniversary
Eeny meeny miny moe

The Turtle isn't naked anymore

While we were out and about Saturday we went to The Turtle for a snack. It used to be called The Naked Turtle but it has since been changed to just, The Turtle.  It's a fun beach bar and right on the river with lots of boat activity. There was a big hubbub going on on the river when we arrived so we ran through the deep sand with sandles on, arrughhh in time to miss the landing of the Red Bull seaplane. I think the hubbub was more about the "Red Bull girls" (no photos included :) than the seaplane. It was pretty cool to see.

Red bull planed landed 

The day was perfect, not too hot, just beautiful. 

Wanna see some spring break cuties we saw hanging out on a boat.

Pappillon pups

Well, they are cuties right? They are the Papillon breed.  Papillon is French for butterfly, just look at those ears, aren't they the cutest.  

The turtle

The Turtle is outside on the sand. The environment is fun and inviting, too bad the food isn't. The service was much better than I expected, but the most important thing was...

Lunch at turtle 

having fun with my family.

Feeding ducks 

The boys got up close and personal with the ducks,

Ducks jarod

until they started flapping around.


I didn't waste any time photographing the crummy food so I thought I'd include the palm fronds.

Next time, just a beer for me thanks.