Minutes from the lake to my plate
Spicing things up

Packing to head for Arizona

This time tomorrow I'll be in AZ with daughter, SIL and grandsons. Yippiee!!!!!!

Right now, you can't come visit me because I have no where for you to sit. I not only have to pack myself but packing for Matilda is like packing for a kid. Dog food, leashes, yes she has more than one leash; she be stylin' y'know, toys etc...

I also keep a tote bag set aside for Erika. In between visits I throw in some odds and ends things I want to take the next time I go visit.
Not only is the couch full of stacks of things to be packed, but after I did a load of laundry the tops I don't want in the dryer are hanging all over the place.


That ledge on the slide out comes in mighty handy.

I don't think Stan will be sad to see me go. ;-)

I'm hoping the desert will be in as full bloom as the reports have been. I'm planning on making a lot of stops along the way to take pictures.