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Packing to head for Arizona

Minutes from the lake to my plate

I am so fortunate to have a neighbor that likes to fish. I've posted about him before and the fish he's gifted me with. Today I was the happy recipient of some trout he had caught only minutes before.

Trout fresh from the lake

Can that man fillet a fish or what.

Ready for some phenomenal fish?

Trout sizzling in p oil

After I dredged it in some rice flour and sprinkled it with a little seasoned salt, I fried it in some peanut oil.

Trout making tarter sauce

While the frying was going on I made a quick tarter sauce. I took some mayo, dill pickle, green onion and fresh dill from the Aero Garden. It was delicious.

Trout plated

Ready to eat. The rice flour makes a nice, light, crunchy coating.

I think I need to take them some herbs from my garden.