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Steak Salad

This just might be one of my summer staples. I really, really, really like cold leftover steak, it's right up there with cold leftover pizza and spaghetti.  One way I like it is to thinly slice it on a salad, then dress the salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil or with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Steak salad

I served it on a bed of lettuce with the veggies I had on hand and shaved some Parmesan cheese on top.

Pretty darned good.

I was gifted a great cookbook

One of the participants in one of the food newsgroups I frequent gifted me this great cookbook.
He was my Secret Santa in that group. At Christmas I was the recipient of some spice rubs, among other things. By the way Shawn, I carry the tote bag everyday.
I asked him if he'd care to share the recipes for the spice rubs he sent me and any others he wanted to share. This is what I got.
I am so into making spice blends and rubs that this cookbook is a special treat to me.

Smoke & Spice book

One more thing that makes this book special is that it is a previously loved book. All you need to do is look at it's side to see which pages it was opened to the most.
I'm not surprised to see the first page it automatically opens to is Wild Willy's Number One-derful Rub.
We'll do that one of these days. That's one of the rubs I got in my Christmas package.

The next page it automatically opens to is the one that has the recipe, Braggin'-Rights Brisket. Since I don't have a smoker maybe Shawn would give us a step by step with photos on this one. I'm not very subtle with hints am I ;-) Just whack ya over the head I do.

Next is Ain't Momma's Meat Loaf. Maybe if I make this one I'll finally make a decent meat loaf, I'd have to do it in the oven of course. Couldn't turn out any worse that what I'm doing now.

Oh dang this does it, I'm going to have to get a smoker now. Listen to this.
Better-Than-French-Onion Soup. The onions are smoked "until the skins are well browned and the onions feel soft, about 1 1/2 hours." Oh glory, then you make the soup with these. Does this sound fabulous or what.

Next pages that open up are the sauces like, Vaunted Vinegar Sauce, Golden Mustard BBQ Sauce, Old-Fashioned High-Cholesterol Great-Tasting Southern Sauce, dang, this one is true to it's name listen, it has bacon drippings_and_butter in it. Also some sauces that call for different "spirits" mmm my kind of sauce.

This isn't even mentioning the sides like San Antonio Cactus and Corn Salad, and the beans and greens.

I think I'll be cooking my way through this book this summer.

Thanks again Shawn for your generosity.

Eeny meeny miny moe

Desert montage two copy

to which one should you say no.

One is a very harmless beautiful desert plant, the other is a very beautiful not harmless plant. The one on the right is the Scorpion weed. Avoid it at all costs. Sorry the photos aren't very good.

I took the photos along side the road on my way home and didn't want to lay down on Scorpion weed to get a good shot. I really need that telephoto lens dang it. I mainly wanted to show that the safe plant grows in tall spears, the Scorpion weed doesn't.

Grandson Jarod got into some Scorpion weed this weekend while he was doing his chores, poor guy.  He broke out in a itchy, spotty rash with raised bumps. The Dr. prescribed a Benadryl salve. 

The Ocatillo were starting to bloom

Ocatillo two

Also along the way home I drove through a bunch of butterflies. By the way, what is a bunch of butterflies called? Not a gaggle like geese, or a covey like quail. Hmm I'll have to find out what you call a bunch of butterflies, lol probably a bunch ;-)


I did some serious windshield cleaning when I got to Yuma.

The Turtle isn't naked anymore

While we were out and about Saturday we went to The Turtle for a snack. It used to be called The Naked Turtle but it has since been changed to just, The Turtle.  It's a fun beach bar and right on the river with lots of boat activity. There was a big hubbub going on on the river when we arrived so we ran through the deep sand with sandles on, arrughhh in time to miss the landing of the Red Bull seaplane. I think the hubbub was more about the "Red Bull girls" (no photos included :) than the seaplane. It was pretty cool to see.

Red bull planed landed 

The day was perfect, not too hot, just beautiful. 

Wanna see some spring break cuties we saw hanging out on a boat.

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One of my must go to places in Lake Havasu

One of my favorite, among many, places to go when I'm in Lake Havasu is Barley Bros. The food has always been as good if not better than comparable places I've been to in San Diego. I think it's being out of town, a change of scenery, and being with those nearest and dearest to me that make some places special. 

BB appet's copy

Jeremy had a strawberry margarita, non-alcoholic of course and Jarod had a root beer float. We all shared the stuffed mushrooms.

More yummy stuff...

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Spicing things up

As you know I'm in Lake Havasu AZ visiting with daughter and family. One of the places we went today was to the Spice Merchants, oh what a wonderful place to be. To the best of my recollection I've never been in a spice shop. I've been in places that sell spices and lots of them, I just don't remember being in a shop dedicated exclusively to spices.  This one is on the river right off the London Bridge.

Spice Merchant window

See the reflection of the London bridge in the window and the beautiful patio.

I wish you could smell the following pictures.

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Packing to head for Arizona

This time tomorrow I'll be in AZ with daughter, SIL and grandsons. Yippiee!!!!!!

Right now, you can't come visit me because I have no where for you to sit. I not only have to pack myself but packing for Matilda is like packing for a kid. Dog food, leashes, yes she has more than one leash; she be stylin' y'know, toys etc...

I also keep a tote bag set aside for Erika. In between visits I throw in some odds and ends things I want to take the next time I go visit.
Not only is the couch full of stacks of things to be packed, but after I did a load of laundry the tops I don't want in the dryer are hanging all over the place.


That ledge on the slide out comes in mighty handy.

I don't think Stan will be sad to see me go. ;-)

I'm hoping the desert will be in as full bloom as the reports have been. I'm planning on making a lot of stops along the way to take pictures.