The Turtle isn't naked anymore
I was gifted a great cookbook

Eeny meeny miny moe

Desert montage two copy

to which one should you say no.

One is a very harmless beautiful desert plant, the other is a very beautiful not harmless plant. The one on the right is the Scorpion weed. Avoid it at all costs. Sorry the photos aren't very good.

I took the photos along side the road on my way home and didn't want to lay down on Scorpion weed to get a good shot. I really need that telephoto lens dang it. I mainly wanted to show that the safe plant grows in tall spears, the Scorpion weed doesn't.

Grandson Jarod got into some Scorpion weed this weekend while he was doing his chores, poor guy.  He broke out in a itchy, spotty rash with raised bumps. The Dr. prescribed a Benadryl salve. 

The Ocatillo were starting to bloom

Ocatillo two

Also along the way home I drove through a bunch of butterflies. By the way, what is a bunch of butterflies called? Not a gaggle like geese, or a covey like quail. Hmm I'll have to find out what you call a bunch of butterflies, lol probably a bunch ;-)


I did some serious windshield cleaning when I got to Yuma.