Spicing things up
Happy 13th Anniversary

One of my must go to places in Lake Havasu

One of my favorite, among many, places to go when I'm in Lake Havasu is Barley Bros. The food has always been as good if not better than comparable places I've been to in San Diego. I think it's being out of town, a change of scenery, and being with those nearest and dearest to me that make some places special. 

BB appet's copy

Jeremy had a strawberry margarita, non-alcoholic of course and Jarod had a root beer float. We all shared the stuffed mushrooms.

More yummy stuff...

BB cheese pizza

Jarod's ever favorite, cheese pizza. The kid has good taste but jeesh. He informed me cheese is his first favorite, sausage second and pepperoni third.

BB mr steak

Jeremy's tastes run along with Grandma-ma's. We each had a Peppercorn top sirloin, medium rare thanks, with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh perfectly sautéed  vegetables. SIL B.J had one also.Tender, delicious and juicy.

BB salad

We had salads that were served with garlic cheese toast.

BB Chick picata

Erika had the chicken picatta. Pan seared chicken breast with capers and artichokes. I thought it was pretty great you could order it over either linguini or sautéed spinach.

Just might have to hit them up again before I leave.