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Dang, this is Southern California?

It was so freezing cold the other morning I had to scrape ice off my windshield, not for the first time I might add. What's a Southern California girl doing with an ice scraper anyway!!

Just thought I'd share some chilly photos. I'm so happy we are warming up this week.

Icy car

At least I was still able to listen to my XM radio. The antenna was under a film of ice.

Icy roof

It sure was pretty the way the ice sparkled in the rising sun.

Can't wait until I can complain about how hot it is ;-)

Photos from new camera

I suppose I could have come up with a more creative title for this post but I've been practically glued to the manual for my new camera.

Holy moly there is a lot to learn. I decided to spare you the photos that were inadvertently taken of my slippers and the cockeyed photos of the corners of the ceiling. Instead I'll share with you the photo of the clouds that were forming this evening. I got my nose out of the book just in time to capture these.

And you thought my first photos would be of food, right? ;-)

Clouds one 

Clouds two  

Fun with the new light tent kit

I've been having so much fun playing with the light kit. The light tent in the kit is pretty big for my space so I cut down the box it came in and used that to make a backdrop for some photos.


Also that big window let too much unwanted light in through the fabric of the tent. Here the cardboard blocks out any unwanted light. I'm still using the tent but not all the time.

Want to see some more photos I took?

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It's sprouting, it's sprouting

Yahoo!! The first little seedlings are showing in my Aero Garden. I didn't think I'd get so excited to see the first little sprouts. I set up and planted it last Sunday the 11th and it started sprouting on Tuesday but I didn't get these photos until Thursday. 

Basil sprouts 

Basil peeking through

Thyme sprouts

It's almost thyme. Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)

Garlic sprout 

This old clove of garlic I planted a few weeks ago gets the benefit of the grow lite, and it has grown a couple of inches. 

The chive looks like it's getting ready to sprout also.

More updates to follow

Everything's coming up roses, oops I mean herbs

Wasn't' it Ethel Merman that sang "Everything's coming up roses for meee and for yooooooo".
I thought of that song this morning when I went into the kitchen saw my new Aero Garden. I bought the Space Saver 6. It's all set up, the grow lights are on and the little plastic domes are over the grow pods waiting for the herbs to start coming up.

Aero Garden

I vacillated for the longest time about buying this. It's pretty expensive and I have a few other things I could spend $149.00 on, I mean heaven forbid I put it in the savings account.
The more I looked into it and read about it and heard comments on it, the more convinced I became I needed one. My primary reason is that I live 27 miles from the closest fresh herb, bummer.
I decided that when I got my next 20% off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond I was going to have one.
Yesterday in an e-mail from BB&B was a 20% off printable store coupon, so off I went, coupon in hand, fighting the terrible winds, through the mountains, down the valleys, up the ridges...o.k. I exaggerate, but it has been terribly windy here the past few days.

Good things come to those who wait. Yesterday I scored. Not only are they on sale on the web and at BB&B but with my 20% off coupon Wahoooo!!!!!!!!!! $103.19

The herb kit that came with it has Dill, Genovese basil, thyme, mint, chives and oregano.
It comes with everything you need to get started. I figured each pod runs about $2.85 and you'll get a lot of fresh herbs for the money.

Warning, progress reports to follow. I can't wait until the first little green sprouts show up.

My first mess o' greens

I made my first mess o' greens on Thursday, new years day. Of course I made the obligatory black eyed peas to go with them.

I followed the recipe on the package of greens I bought, and I think they turned out pretty darned good. Sooo If you've never made a mess o' greens I hope this encourages you try it sometime.

Greens assemble ingred copy

Gathered all the goodies I needed.

Greens spices copy

The spices are turmeric, paprika, celery seed, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, thyme and hot pepper vinegar. I didn't know at the time that the hot pepper vinegar referred to in the recipe is Trappey's. I have this on hand all the time. Not knowing this I used Tabasco instead which I've heard is an acceptable substitute. I didn't have any onion powder on hand so I ground up some dried onion flakes in a mortar and used that.

Let's get cookin'

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