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Sizzler restaurant El Cajon

For the past few weeks Stan has been talking about trying out Sizzler Restaurant again. We can't remember when was the last time we went to one.

We heard they have a great salad bar, that's what prompted us to go. 

Sizzler salad bar eight copy

There's more.

Sizzler salad bar four copy

Start with some fresh crispy greens,

Sizzler salad bar five copy

be sure and leave enough room for your choice of toppings. They have all my favorite toppings and then some, even blue cheese crumbles, dang, I was in heaven.
Stan was happy to see the French dressing, you don't hardly see that anymore.

Sizzler salad bar six copy

see what I mean by and then some. Just look at those green beans, fresh not canned.

Sizzler salad bar one copy

This is the other side of the salad bar where the puddings,

Sizzler salad bar two copy

carrot salad, cole slaw etc.. is.

Sizzler salad bar three copy

I'm sure I saw a spinach salad in there and of course ambrosia.

As if this wasn't enough,

Sizzler soup copy

There's the soup bar,

Sizzler spag chick

the spaghetti, chicken tenders etc...

Sizzler tostada cups copy

The made on premises tostada shells leading to the,

Sizzler taco bar copy

taco bar that leads to the,

Sizzler ice cream bar copy

soft serve ice cream bar.

Whew!! Now lets eat.

Sizz my salad copy

I like peas, kidney beans, carrots, blue cheese crumbles, beets and blue cheese dressing. But since I had those luscious blue cheese crumbles on my salad I opted for Ranch dressing. Oh yeah, I sprinkled on a little bit of bacon and sunflower seeds.

Stan had a salad also and a

Sizz chopped steak copy

chopped steak. I call them hamburger patties, but what ever you call it, it was very, very good.

 Sizz chopped steak close copy

They use a course ground beef.

I had the

Sizzler sirloin copy

6oz sirloin luncheon steak with a yam instead of baked potato. My first bite was of the yam, the butter on it was a spiced butter, I'm thinking they used some of the spices you'd put in a pumpkin pie. They hollowed out part of the yam to make room for the butter and put the portion they hollowed out on the plate, kinda cute don't cha think.

Sizzler steak med rare copy

I ordered my steak medium rare, a little over cooked for me but very tasty, tender and well seasoned.
I'd put this up against some steaks we've had at some of the so-called "steak houses."

I forgot that Sizzler is a restaurant where you place your order before you are seated. The hostess that takes your order also seats you. Our hostess was great, sorry I didn't get her name but she helped me with my choices and made suggestions for which I was grateful.

One thing I noticed and really liked was that dirty plates were picked up immediately, and fresh plates were placed on the table for more trips to the salad bar. The manager Rebecca was helpful to me while I was photographing and graciously answered all my questions. I was happy to hear about all the items that are made on premises.

I noticed they have banquet facilities, a nice large room in the back. Perfect for my large noisy family birthday parties. You've been warned Rebecca ;-) We'll be back.

El Cajon Sizzler
1030 Fletcher Parkway
El Cajon CA 92020
(619) 596-1695