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Himala Salt Zen cube

How I ever lived this long without a Hamala Salt Zen Cube is beyond me.

I love these funky little foodie finds. I found this at Marshall's when we were in Bullhead City.

Salt cube two copy

The salt cube is roughly 2 inches square and it comes with it's own handy dandy little grater.

I had to laugh because It reminded me of the salt licks I'd get for the animals.

Here's more information.

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Yes Virginia, buffaloes have wings

And mighty good ones at that.

On Saturday we were still in Lake Havasu visiting daughter and family. Early in the morning it was decided a trip to Bullhead City was in order. They have a Tarjay, Kohls, Ross, etc...Oh yea! and a Marshalls. Wait till you see what I got. Sorry, I digress, this post is supposed to be about the food.

We got some serious shopping done and had lunch at a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings. They had been there before and highly recommended it. Hey, wings and beer, count-me-in.


C'mon, let's go get a cold one.

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Mario's Restaurant. Lake Havasu City AZ

We are spending a chilly Christmas season in the AZ desert with daughter Erika, B.J. and the boys.
This means of course, lots of eating, playing games, shopping and more eating, playing games and shopping.

We arrived Wed afternoon after a leisurely drive up. We grazed along the way eating at some fast food "restaurants" to satisfy our junk food fix. That should do us for a while now. 

Our plans upon arrival was to have dinner that night at a new restaurant in town called Mario's Italian Restaurant.

Mario's menu copy

Nice lighting for dining, but not really great for photography.  But, what the heck, they are a restaurant not a camera shop.

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Thai marinated pork

While I was making the Thai marinated fried chicken I was thinking of some different spices and herbs I could add to the marinade the next time I made it. Tonight I made a stir fried pork using the marinade recipe with a few little changes. I don't believe I strayed so far that it could no longer be considered Thai.

As usual I assembled the marinade ingredients but with my simple little addition.

Thai pork ingred copy 

Later I added a little red pepper flakes.

Let's go stir crazy ;-)

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Thai Marinated Fried Chicken

The other night I made the Thai marinated fried chicken I saw on chez pim's blog. I can't tell you all the compliments and rave reviews it's received. One of my friends swears she's going to find her next man with this recipe, and Stan even asked me to marry him all over again. O.K. I lied, but I'm sure he would have if he would have stopped eating the chicken long enough to speak.

First I made the marinade using 5 cloves of garlic that I ran through the garlic press, about 1 tablespoon of chopped cilantro stems, half a teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper, and a teaspoon of sea salt.

Thai mc add salt copy

Let's pound this all up in the mortar.

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Refrigerator Soup

Today is the fourth day for the killer green beans. I don't care how "killer" the green beans are, enough is enough, so I thought they'd be great in a soup. I wanted to make just a little pot of soup. I didn't want to make a soup that takes on a mind of it's own. You know, a soup that seems to add it's own ingredients and expand before your very eyes.

I was the model of constraint. I only added to the soup what I originally set out.

Fridge soup ingred copy

The stock was made from the Thanksgiving turkey.

Let's make soup...

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