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Himala Salt Zen cube

How I ever lived this long without a Hamala Salt Zen Cube is beyond me.

I love these funky little foodie finds. I found this at Marshall's when we were in Bullhead City.

Salt cube two copy

The salt cube is roughly 2 inches square and it comes with it's own handy dandy little grater.

I had to laugh because It reminded me of the salt licks I'd get for the animals.

Here's more information.

This is the packaging.

Salt cube one copy 

Now what the packaging has to say about the salt.

Salt cube pkg 1 copy

Salt cube pkg 2 copy

Salt cube pkg 3 copy

Salt cube pkg 4 copy

My friend Barb went to the web site and it was priced at $15.00 plus shipping. I got it at Marshall's for $10.00.
I think it will last me a lifetime or until I get senile and forget I have it. :-0