Cranberry Relish Spicy and Sweet
I Made some leftovers today

Thanksgiving feast

This year was another special Thanksgiving. It's been two years that my 7 yr old Grandson has survived and thrived after open heart surgery. It's also been one year that St. Robert has lived with his new transplanted lung. We have a new baby in the family, a new fiancée, job changes, both for the better, cancer survivors, and a family that's loved and supported us through it all.

Thanksgiving '08 table 

I made the salad, the cranberry sauce and the goat cheese dip that got demolished before I had a chance to get a photo of it.

More Thanksgiving day photos.

Thanksgiving '08 from table 

My attempt at an artsy fartsy shot from the table,

Thanksgiving '08 napkin 

and another. Hmmm, who folded the napkins?

Thanksgiving '08 blessing 

Blessing before the meal. St. Robert is good at the blessing, thankful and gracious, short and sweet. Not quite the "Good bread, good meat good God let's eat. If this is all we've got let us eat it while it's hot, amen." That Uncle Eugene used to say and mom thought was horribly sacrilegious. 

Thanksgiving '08 olives 

Now, who taught her that. I think kids just naturally know what black olives are for.

Thanksgiving '08 image in spoon 

And girls just naturally know that spoons are for checking your appearance in. 

Thanksgiving '08 Chayote 

Chayote squash with pine nuts.

Thanksgiving '08 bacon wrapped veggies

Thin slices of veggies wrapped in bacon. I promise I only had those two.

Thanksgiving '08 my plate 

I mean, I needed room for Steve's mashed potatoes and St. Roberts turkey. I'm kicking myself for not getting a shot of the bird. It was beautiful. 

Another wonderful year to be thankful for.