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Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

I'm sorry now it took me so long to finally go to a Sammy's Woodfired Pizza restaurant. I thought it was just another big box restaurant. We already go to a couple of them as it is and I didn't want to add another one to the list.

Stan, daughter Vicky and I went Sunday. We were sure to be there at opening because every time we've driven by there's been a line out the door.

Was I ever in for a pleasant surprise.


C'mon, let's eat.

First observation is the immaculately clean restaurant.

Sammys inside

Granted it's new, granted we were the first people in that day, but you can tell when a place is kept up and when it's not.

Sammys outside seating 

The outdoor seating. There are heaters suspended from the ceiling.

Sammy's bread basket

We started with some bread and crackers with our salad. Oh, my gosh!!!


We were particularly enamored of the crackers and were grateful that our server Jessica brought us some Balsamic vinegar and olive oil for bread dipping.

Sammy's server Jessica

And speaking of Jessica, she is extremely knowledgeable, not only about the menu but also about the operations of the restaurant, you don't find that very often. When I expressed my thoughts about this being another big box restaurant she assured me that it's not, even the pizza dough and salad dressings are made on site. She stated they don't have a microwave in the restaurant.

So here's what we ate.

Sammy's Cesar salad close

We ordered a Cesar salad that we shared and had some to take home.

Sammy's LaDou's BBQ Chick pizza

Stan ordered the La Dou's BBQ Chicken pizza. Stan, Mr. if it's sweet it's for me, really liked it. It has a subtle sweetness that even I liked. It's made with a "sweet and sassy bbq sauce, bbq chicken breast, cilantro, smoked gouda and sliced red onion." Stan had them leave the cilantro off, he really doesn't care for it.

Sammy's Prosciutto pizza

We also ordered a prosciutto pizza. It's made with prosciutto,(duh!) artichoke, green onion, garlic and fontina cheese.
Of the two this was mine and Vicky's favorite. What can I say, I loved it. There are many wonderful looking pizzas on the menu to choose from. I'll have a hard time deciding to trying them over this one the next time we go there. The flavor of prosciutto is so unique, and the pairing of the prosciutto with the artichoke and fontina cheese is brilliant. 

Sammy's woodfired oven inside 

The wood fired oven. 

I don't know if it was all the questions that I was asking of Jessica, that she so efficiently answered, or all the pictures I was taking that prompted the gracious manager Lauren to send us out a fantabulously indescribably delicious dessert. Lauren was a gracious hostess and made us feel welcomed.

Sammy's messy sundae 

If memory serves me right it's called the Messy Sundae. Stan showed considerable restraint while I was taking pictures. The goblet is filled with Dreyer's ice cream, chocolate and caramel. The chocolate is flowed over the goblet and puddles onto the plate and sprinkled with walnuts. Vicky and I had a few bites but Stan all but licked the goblet.

I agree with Vicky when she said that every element of the meal was wonderful.

We'll be back.

Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

8555 Fletcher Pkwy Ste 104

La Mesa, Ca 91942

Phone 619-460-8555