Thanksgiving feast
Finally! a turkey sandwich

I Made some leftovers today

Since we had our Thanksgiving meal at my sister's house, we had no leftover turkey for sandwiches. We were so hungry for a turkey sandwich today. I wanted my sandwich on plain ol' white bread with mayo and cranberry sauce. Stan wants his on lightly toasted white with mayo and cranberry sauce. None of which we had. So I decided to go grocery shopping so I could make some leftovers. I felt very fortunate to find not only a fresh turkey, but one small enough to fit into my oven, just barely.

My dad always made the best bread stuffing. I miss having it, so I decided to make his stuffing also.

LoTurkey veg's 

What's stuffing without celery and onions.

Now to make leftovers.

LoTurkey veggies

I chopped up an onion and some celery,

LoTurkey cookveggies

Saut├ęd the onion and celery until soft. Right before the veggies were finished I added a finely minced clove of garlic and a little salt.

LoTurkey bread cubes

While the veggies were cooking I cubed up some white bread and put into a large bowl.

LoTurkey add veggies

Then added the cooked veggies.

LoTurkey spices

I added some rubbed sage, poultry seasoning and fresh thyme.

LoTurkey broth

Then added some chicken broth, I heat it up just a little bit, just enough to take the chill off if it's been in the fridge. Don't get it too moist if you are putting it in the bird.

LoTurkey rub

Nothing fancy. After I stuffed the turkey, I rubbed the little darlin' with some butter and sprinkled with poultry seasoning and seasoned salt.

LoTurkey golden

About 4 hrs later, LEFTOVERS YIPPIEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandwiches tomorrow.

The carcus and skin are in the crockpot with some celery, bay leaves and thyme. In the morning I'll have some beautiful turkey stock.