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Enchilada Sauce from powdered chili method three

I've tried two other methods of making enchilada sauce from powdered chili, not to be confused with chili powder a totally different animal. 

 Method one two thumbs down Method two, soon to be my new method, and now Method three, soon to be the way I used to make enchilada sauce.

This is how I typically make an enchilada sauce using powdered chili. I either let the sauce reduce to thicken, or if I'm impatient and in a hurry I use a slurry, dang I'm a poet.


This is the last one, I promise.

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Enchilada Sauce from powdered chili method two

Since I don't care for the roux method of making enchilada sauce I thought I'd use tortillas to thicken the sauce. You see it in mole recipes all the time, but that's not how I make my mole.

I started out like I usually do assembling the ingredients.


I wanted to make chilaquiles also so I thought I'd get two birds with one chili. ;-) that's why the onion and other stuff. 

Let's getter done

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Enchilada Sauce from powdered chili method one

These past two days I've been trying different ways of making enchilada sauce using powdered chili. Not to be confused with chili powder, two different things altogether. Using powdered chili is a quick easy way to make the sauce without having to go through the lengthy process needed to make it from dried chilies.

I've been making enchilada sauce using powdered chili for years. I learned how to make it when I lived in New Mexico a bajillion years ago. I decided to play around a little and try a couple of different things.

So, here's what I did. First experiment.


Enchilada sauce using a roux.

Here we go

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La Posta Casino restaurant update

Last Sunday we went to the La Posta Casino to check out the changes they made to the restaurant.

Stan has been there a couple of times since it's changed. He's a R.O.M.E.O. you know, (retired old man eating out) One of the waitresses that used to serve him at the restaurant in the Golden Acorn Casino works there now, so he goes there to see her once in a while. He says he's had some pretty good meals there.

Laposta sign

Let's check this place out.

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It's not a coffee mug but...

It's a score!!!!!!!

I'm supposed to keep my eye open for coffee mugs since I'm so bereft of them for the Coffee Mug Chocolate Cake. I really was looking for them when I came upon these cast iron fajita skillets.

Fajita skillets

Viejas Outlet Mall was having a "Garage Sale" today so I perused the stalls looking for some unique coffee mugs. No mugs but I did check out the booth the Hard Rock Cafe had set up. They had some great new and used restaurant supplies. One of the things they had were these great cast iron fajita skillets. There was a stack of them, some new and some used, the new ones were selling for $4.00 each. There was also one unopened box from the manufacturer of 6 new skillets for $20.00 Dang, that's one free. Also, the insulated slide on pot holders were only .50 each. Wow! I got six skillets and six pot holders for $23.00. All their proceeds from the Garage Sale go to charity.

Fajita skilletback

They are Lodge brand and are pre seasoned. I'm a lucky girl.

Coffee Mug Chocolate Cake

One of the participants on the cooking newsgroup posted what he called "Most dangerous chocolate cake" Which basically is a quickly mixed chocolate cake that's baked in a coffee mug in the microwave oven.

Here's what you need to make one. Besides the ingredients all you need is a fork, a coffee mug and a tablespoon. Doesn't get any easier than that.

CMcake ingredients

Let's see how easy it really is.

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I love my Gorilla...pod

Last Thursday a co worker told me about the Gorillapod. It's a really cool bendable, flexible tripod. Just perfect for my situation. I ordered it on Thursday and got it on Monday, yikes, what fast service.

I have no affiliation with this company and didn't even know they existed until last week.

Only complaint I have is I think I ordered a green one, but what the heck, I'm not giving this one up for one minute to send it back for a different color.


Let me show you some of the features.

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A wonderful day in the neighborhood

I sooo didn't want to leave the house yesterday to run errands. It was in the mid 70's with a nice gentle breeze. One of those days that you want to stay home with the doors and windows open, putzing and dancing around the house to your favorite tunes blaring from the stereo.  But Stan, reality, and a long list compelled me out the door.

On the way to town one of our stops was the Viejas Outlet Mall. Hey a mall, at least I have my priorities right. 

Viejas waterone 

Have you seen the dancing water in the middle of the mall? C'mon I promise you won't get wet.

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Sauce Vierge

 I saw this recipe in Saveur Magazine  this is the only magazine that I subscribe to. I pour over it from cover to cover several times until I get the next issue. Saving each issue.

In the September issue #113 I found this sauce.! is it great. It's a great accompaniment to beef, pork and tuna. It's also a great accompaniment to my fork. 

The ingredients

Sauce Vierge ingredients 

These are calling out to my new ulu

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