Trout fresh from the lake
Pho SuperBowl

Hmmm, what to do with left over trout

I had some trout left over from my trout feast. As I was picking through it getting out those danged pesky little bones. I was thinking I would like it in some kind of sauce, maybe a white sauce, then I thought a take off of lobster thermador might be good. GIMF (Google is my friend) and I found some lobster thermador recipes. Never having made it before, I checked out several recipes.

The recipes were almost identical in ingredients and method. It starts with a basic white sauce made with white wine, milk,tarragon, shallots, Dijon mustard and Parmesan cheese. I decided to eliminate the shallots, because I don't have any, and the Parmesan cheese because it just doesn't sound good to me with trout, and I thought it would be overpowering anyway.

So, after I got the pesky %$# bones out of the trout I assembled the sauce ingredients.


Dont' worry, I'm not going to bore you with a step by step white sauce. Come see what I did.

A nice thick white sauce.


I have some puff pastry shells in the freezer so a couple of those got baked. The directions stated not to bake them in a microwave, understandable, or a toaster oven, not understandable. Sorry, I'm not heating up my oven for a couple of dinky shells. Into the toaster oven they went and turned out beautifully.



Put some sauce in the pastry shell, added trout, more sauce and topped with a sprinkling of trout and a little fresh ground black pepper.

This and a glass of white wine mmmm gotta love leftovers.